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Getting through the tough and competitive airline interviews is very difficult but we are here to give you all the knowledge you will need to become Cabin Crew. My team and I are all current Cabin Crew,

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You will know how to prepare for the assessment day, what to wear, how to handle the group and one-on-one interview sessions and all the other insider tips and tricks, so that you are the one that gets selected!

The airline selection and interview process
The airline application form
What to wear
The qualities of a cabin crew member
A world of opportunity
A day in the life of cabin crew – the cathy pacific crew
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Becoming a cabin crew member is an exciting career. It has the ability to transport you from the dull routine and predictable work patterns of a normal everyday job, into a world of excitement, challenge and endless opportunity. No day is ever the same, you will be travelling to different places, working with different people and meeting customers from all over the world.

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Where do I start?

Where do I start?  You have a dream to become Cabin Crew, to work in an industry where no day is ever the same, to be involved in an interesting and dynamic lifestyle and even to travel the world, yet you have no idea how to go about applying to the airlines or even how…

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